Our members have ridden a total of 569025 miles so far this year!

We have two Saturday morning meetings and one Thursday night meeting every three months at the Republic Harley-Davidson in Stafford, TX for fun-filled, informative, and prize-winning Chapter meetings. Come on by and join Chapter #1115 and join us on our weekly rides, Chapter Challenges, and everything that makes us the friendliest H.O.G. in Houston.
  • Enriching, informational chapter meetings on most first Thursdays of every month at Republic Harley-Davidson
  • Chapter rides every alternating Saturdays and Sundays
  • Week-long bike trip every year (we just finished the Kentucky Bourbon Trail)
  • Participation in local rides for charity
  • Holiday party every December
  • Personal Republic H-D sales expert assigned to our chapter for bike sales
  • 2.5x normal VIP Rewards for all members at Republic H-D parts, service, and motor clothes
  • Annual chapter challenges to take you all over Texas
  • Pride in our safety knowledge and practices


We love to ride! Here are the upcoming rides for the chapter over the next couple of months. Click on a ride title and discover the details of that day's journey.
  • Jan
    Leather & Longjohn Ride
  • Jan
    after meeting ride/Swinging Door
  • Jan
    K-2 Steakhouse
  • Jan
    Saturday Ride
  • Jan
    Sunday Ride
  • Jan
    Buffalo Bayou Cistern

Leather & Longjohn Ride on Jan 1

Ride to White's House

DON'T FORGET YOUR NEW MEMBERSHIP CARD OR YOU WILL HAVE TO SIGN A WAVER.Tuesday Jan 1 Sixteenth annual Leather and Long John ride. Due to the uncertainty of the weather and getting harder to find places open that meet the criteria for my New Years Day ride I have decided to make the destination The White's House 21118 Park Brush Ln. Katy. THIS A RAIN OR SHINE RIDE or if you want you can drive to the destination. We will meet at the Ellis Creek Exxon about a mile East of 99 and about a mile West of Hwy 6 at 0900 with KSU at 0930 for a leisurely ride through the country arriving at our destination around 1100. We can have a nice ride or travel by car where we can visit and get all the corn bread and black-eyed peas you can eat and still make it to all those holiday sports games or hang around and watch them here. Please RSVP for food head count

after meeting ride/Swinging Door on Jan 5

Ride to Swinging Door

Saturday After Meeting Ride to Swinging Door

K-2 Steakhouse on Jan 6

Ride to K2 Steakhouse/Bay city

Sunday ride. We will be going to K-2 Steakhouse in Bay City. Meet at the Shell/Funeral Home lot on Kirkwood @ 59 at 8:30, KSU 9:00 a.m. will be a short rest stop in West Columbia, arrive at K-2 approx. 11:00 a.m.

Saturday Ride on Jan 12

Ride to ?

Saturday Ride

Sunday Ride on Jan 20

Ride to ?

Sunday Ride

Buffalo Bayou Cistern on Jan 26

Ride to Buffalo Bayou Cistern

Saturday Ride. Join us for an historic tour of the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern followed by a steaming hot bowl of chili back at the dealership. The cistern is Houston’s former drinking water reservoir. Built in 1926 it supported the municipal water system’s goals of fire suppression and drinking water storage for decades, until the space sprung a leak in the 1970’s that could never be located and the reservoir was eventually decommissioned. It remained all but forgotten until it was “rediscovered” during the 2012 renovation of Buffalo Bayou Park, and was opened for tours in 2016.
We will meet at the dealership at 8:30 with KSU at 9:00am and will arrive at cistern to join the 10:30 History tour. Lasting just 30 minutes, the tour takes us down a dim, serpentine pathway leading into a space that once held 15 million gallons of water. The tour costs just $5 per person but you will need to purchase your tickets in advance by visiting https://buffalobayou.org/visit/destination/the-cistern/. Click on the cistern history tours and using the “Purchase Tickets” button will take you to the calendar where you will need to select the 10:30 Cistern History tour on January 26, 2019 to make your purchase.
After the tour we will return to the dealership where the Chili Cook-off event will be in full swing and we can relax with a steaming hot bowl of delicious chili.


Here's a list of our upcoming events. Click the event and check out the details that describe the event.
  • Jan
    Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting on Jan 5

Meeting at republic

Join us for the first meeting of the new year and get the latest info on our upcoming trips and don't forget about the ride after the meeting.


We keep all of our Chapter photos and videos over at http://republichog.shutterfly.com.

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