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Our members have ridden a total of 431487 miles so far this year!

We have two Saturday morning meetings and one Thursday night meeting every three months at the Republic Harley-Davidson in Stafford, TX for fun-filled, informative, and prize-winning Chapter meetings. Come on by and join Chapter #1115 and join us on our weekly rides, Chapter Challenges, and everything that makes us the friendliest H.O.G. in Houston.
  • Enriching, informational chapter meetings on most first Thursdays of every month at Republic Harley-Davidson
  • Chapter rides every alternating Saturdays and Sundays
  • Week-long bike trip every year (we just finished the Kentucky Bourbon Trail)
  • Participation in local rides for charity
  • Holiday party every December
  • Personal Republic H-D sales expert assigned to our chapter for bike sales
  • 2.5x normal VIP Rewards for all members at Republic H-D parts, service, and motor clothes
  • Annual chapter challenges to take you all over Texas
  • Pride in our safety knowledge and practices


We love to ride! Here are the upcoming rides for the chapter over the next couple of months. Click on a ride title and discover the details of that day's journey.
  • Oct
    Kenney Store
  • Oct
    Sunday Ride
  • Nov
    Lone Star Ride
  • Nov
    Sunday Ride
  • Nov
    Impact a Hero
  • Nov
  • Nov
    Saturday Ride

Kenney Store on Oct 21

Ride to Kenney Store/Kenney Texas

There are hundreds of reasons to escape to the open road - and I found another one. Let's ride.

Saturday Ride. Let’s meet at the dealership at 8:30 and a 9:00 am KSU. Stop in Waller at Buc’ees for 15 minutes. Should get to the restaurant just after 11:30 am I think.
PS: The Kenny Store is a 51% establishment (No guns).

Sunday Ride on Oct 29

Ride to Galveston

Working on route-will post by Thursday 10/19. Sunday Ride Galveston Tree Sculptures. Join us on a ride to Galveston Texas. Most of the East End sculptures were carved by three men: Earl Jones of Galveston, Dale Lewis of Richmond, Ind., and Jim Phillips of Houston. Chain saws were used for the bulk of the work with rotary tools, chisels and other hand tools used for fine shaping. The lush canopy of trees shading Galveston’s Victorian homes is gone, claimed by the saltwater storm surge of Hurricane Ike. But in the years since the storm, the barrier island’s citizens have led a grass-roots effort to preserve the memory of the trees by carving more than 35 sculptures from the remaining stumps, which stand among thousands of replanted saplings.
More than 35,000 of Galveston’s trees — many planted after the devastating 1900 hurricane — were cut down after Ike. We will visit some of those sculptures then have lunch at the Spot on the Seawall. Check out the PDF file for Galveston Parking. There are other street locations that you can park free in the area.

Lone Star Ride on Nov 2

Ride to Lone star Rally

opening day Lone Star Rally. Ride to Galveston Thursday and beat the crowds

Sunday Ride on Nov 5

Ride to ?

Sunday Ride. Celebrate the end of Daylight.

Impact a Hero on Nov 11

Ride to ?

impact a Hero

Blessing on Nov 19

Ride to ?

Sunday Ride to Blessing for our 15th annual Thanksgiving Day lunch Ride. Hotel Blessing is a historic hotel located in Blessing, Texas, United States. The hotel has been a community gathering place since it opened in 1907 The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 1, 1979. CASH ONLY!!!!!!!!CASH ONLY!!!!!!!!!!CASH ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!CASH ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!CASH ONLY!!!!!!!!CASH ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday Ride on Nov 25

Ride to ?

Saturday ride


Here's a list of our upcoming events. Click the event and check out the details that describe the event.
  • Oct
    Road Captain Meeting
  • Oct
    Officer Meeting
  • Nov
    Chapter Meeting
  • Nov
  • Nov
    road captain

Road Captain Meeting on Oct 30

Meeting at Live Oak Grill

Road Captain Meeting

Officer Meeting on Oct 31

Meeting at McGyver

Officer meeting contact Director Brian for details.

Chapter Meeting on Nov 4

Meeting at Republic H-D

chapter meeting with ride to Lone Star Rally after. For those that are interested come early at 0800 and have breakfast at IHOP 12725 Southwest Freeway( just before the dealership). That will give you time to eat and then head over to the dealership for some browsing and visiting before the meeting. Wear your colors!!!!!!!

LOH on Nov 9

Meeting at La Hacienda/Stafford

Calling all ladies come be a part of Ladies of Harley. Don't have your own bike but you like to sit back and enjoy the ride then we have a deal just for you. Be a national and local HOG member and join in on the fun and help make our chapter better. For more info come out to La Hacienda and see what it is all about. You will be glad you did. 12821 Southwest Fwy (US-59)
Stafford, TX 77477

road captain on Nov 27

Meeting at Live Oak Grill

road captain


We keep all of our Chapter photos and videos over at

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